Our Partner Farms

  • Double R Ranch Beef

    Okanagan Valley, Boise Idaho

    Double R Ranch represents the vision and dream of its founder Robert Rebholtz, Sr. to produce the highest quality meat products in the Okanagan Valley’s Northwest region. The pristine ranches within the 70,000 acre footprint share the same pride and commitment to their livestock and to their way of life as their founder. Beginning with the ranch themselves they take great pride in leading by example while raising the cattle as an integral part of a sustainable beef program model. Natural feed regimen and respect for Animal Well-Being enable leading industry animal care and handling standards that were developed in collaboration with Dr. Temple Grandin and are documented and continually updated to reflect the most proactive policies. Double R Ranch ‘Signature’ cattle must meet specific criteria to achieve top 2/3 AAA/Choice to Prime grading which enables a premium quality and consistent eating experience.

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  • Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef

    Okanagan Valley, Boise Idaho

    Snake River Farms American Wagyu Cattle Are Raised Along The High Plains Of The Snake River In Eastern Idaho. Managing The Production Process From Start To Finish, Our Herd Has Developed Into One Of The Most Highly Regarded Groups Of Wagyu-cross Cattle In The World. Joining Forces With Family-owned Farms And Ranches, Our Closed-loop Production System Supports The Ranching Lifestyle Of Local Producers Who Focus On Raising The Finest Livestock. All Of The Hard Work And Long Hours That Go Into Caring For These Animals Results In The Incredible Tenderness And Unforgettable Flavor Of Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef.

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  • Satsuma Japanese Wagyu - Trex

    Kyushu Island, Japan

    We Are Proud Purveyors Of The Extremely Exclusive Satsuma Japanese Waygu, Hailing From The Prefecture Of Kagoshima Located In Southern Tip Of Kyushu Island, Japan. The Kagoshima Region Is The Largest Beef Producing Prefecture In Japan, Boasting Temperate Climate With Plentiful Grass Land For Raising Cattle. Satsuma Wagyu Is Known For A4 – A5 Japanese Graded Meat That Is Tender And Beautifully Marbled – Melt In Your Mouth Unlike Any Beef You’ve Tried. Grain Fed For Over 650 Days On A Strict Diet Of Roasted Soy Bean The Animals Are Free From Any Animal By Products, Growth Hormones Or Implants.

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  • Paradise Valley Free-Range Pork

    Paradise Valley, AB. Processed In Langley, BC

    The Sunderland family have spent many years perfecting their system for raising free range heritage animals because they believe that their system is not only good for their animals, it also produces the best tasting pork. Heritage Camborough hogs raised on their family run, vertically integrated farms take advantage of the breed’s reputation for flavour and quality. They say that the real secret to producing hogs with a traditional pork taste is the diet and exercise program that is part of their free range production system. Their hogs are free to roam in large outdoor paddocks which feature water fed mud holes for summer wallowing, and large straw bedded shelters for year round comfort. The freedom to root and dig in the straw and mud not only results in contented hogs, but assures a quality pork product with a richer more traditional pork taste. Self-feeders are strategically placed throughout the paddocks to provide all hogs with ready access to nutritious vegetable-grain based diet that is free of antibiotics and animal by-products.

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  • Snake River Farms Kurobuta Pork

    Boise Idaho

    Snake River Farms Is Proud To Produce 100% Purebred Berkshire Pork. Referred To As Kurobuta (Black Hog) In Japan, It Is Considered The Culinary Equivalent Of Wagyu Beef And Is Highly Regarded For Its Internal Marbling. Using The Oldest Berkshire Bloodlines In The United States, Snake River Farms American Kurobuta Pork Has Cultivated An International Following For Its Juicy Tenderness And Intense Flavor. Snake River Farms Is Celebrated World-wide By Chefs And Connoisseurs. Their Family-owned Business Is Focused On Creating The Most Delicious Kurobuta Pork Available With A Focus On Animal Ethics, Environmental Stewardship And Leaving This Earth Better Than They Found It.

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  • Maple Hills Farm Chicken

    Mount Lehman, Fraser Valley, Bc

    Maple Hill Farms Is A Family Operated Business Located In The Small Farming Community Of Mt. Lehman, In The Central Fraser Valley. The Regehr Family Has Been Involved In The Poultry Industry For Over 40 Years. Maple Hill Chicken Is Raised Medication Free, Given Plenty Of Natural Light And Roam To Move Freely. They Are Fed A Vegetarian-only Diet Which Contain No Growth Hormones, And Are 100% Free Of Animal By-products. Consistent And Traditional Approaches To Raising Their Chickens In Terms Of Health, Hygiene And Diet Ensure Superb Quality And Taste. We At Trimpac And Our Customers Absolutely Love This Free-range Chicken. Simple Processes And The Excellent Taste Define This Quality Family Farm.

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  • Brome Lake Ducks

    Brome Lake, Quebec

    Founded in 1912 on the western shore of Brome Lake, Quebec, Brome Lake Ducks is the oldest producer in Canada specializing in the production of Peking ducks. The company has been a pioneer is developing farming practices that prioritize the birds quality of life. The ducks are raised naturally in climate-controlled, well ventilated buildings. The ducks are free to roam and have access to fresh water at all times. They are raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones or drugs.

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  • Superior Farms Yakima Grain Fed Lamb

    Yakima Valley, Washington

    Since 1963 Superior Farms Has Taken The Greatest Care To Ensure Their Lamb Is Raised Humanely With No Antibiotics Or Hormones, And The Lands They Graze Are Treated With Great Respect. Rare Rambouillet Merino’s (Or ‘French Merino’) Make Up The Stock Of Yakima Valley Lambs; This Breed Has A Long Storied History Which Dates Back To France In 1786 When Louis XVI Originally Purchased Spanish Merino’s From His Cousin, King Charles III Of Spain. This Rare Breed Is Now Preserved And Is Known To Make Up Large, Muscular Cuts Which Are Commanded By Our Discerning Lamb Buyers For Its Tender, Clean And Buttery Flavor Profile. Today, Yakima Valley Lamb Can Be Found In The Finest Dishes At White Tablecloth Restaurants To Boutique Butcher Shops.

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  • Rangeland Bison And Elk

    Foothills, Alberta

    The Vast Grasslands In The Foothills Of The Rocky Mountain Are Ideal Pasture Ground For The Bison Herds At Rangeland. Animal Welfare Is A Priority, The Family Works Hard To Minimize The Environmental Impact By Raising Their Animals Locally While Providing A Safe And Stress Free Roaming Lands. All Of Rangelands Animals Are Raised Antibiotic And Hormone Free.

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  • Various Alternating “Specialty Small Farms”

    Small Town Canada

    Trimpac has been a pioneer in farm to table since our inception. It’s not a buzz word, it’s what we do. We carry venison, elk, boar, game birds, specialty poultry as well as a wide variety of rotating fresh seasonal proteins.

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